Lone Star Lead Reels is a family owned business with over 50 years combined experience in welding and fabrication, with a focus on designing and producing welding lead reels.  Lone Star uses this knowledge to deliver a premium reel at the best price - giving you the most value for your hard earned dollar.  
Time = Money:  Spend less time on the job - Reels organize cables and improve efficiency
All welding lead reels include the following features:
Made in the USA
HASSLE FREE lifetime warranty
Comes ready to install in your welding truck, trailer, or shop
Mounts on any flat surface
Vented circle design allows for free air flow over lead to aid in cooling
Heavy duty steel construction
Manufactured with grade 8 hardware
Durable manual friction brake prevents backlash
Comfort grip knobs designed for ease of use (April 2016)
Insulated locking pull pins to secure spools from unwinding
Stinger and ground clamp holders included
Built with premium quality insulating material
ValSpar acrylic enamel paint
Spools are available in 10" or 12"(+$30) - dimensions below:
10" diameter | 10" deep | 27-1/2" tall | 17-1/2" wide* | holds ~150' of #1 lead
12" diameter | 12" deep | 29-1/2” tall | 17-1/2" wide* | holds ~200' of #1 lead
*width measurement is from latch to handle
Lone Star Reels always welcomes DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS.  
CONTACT US at lonestarreels@yahoo.com or call (210) 993-7040 for information. 

Return Policy:
 If you're not completely satisfied with the product you receive, we will work with you to provide a product that satisfies your needs. Customer is responsible for Shipping & Handling charges on all returns.
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