If you have questions while installing your Lone Star Lead Reel, please feel free to contact us at lonestarreels@yahoo.com or (210) 993-7040 and we will be happy to assist.

Lead Reel Installation

  1. Locate a flat, solid surface  to mount your new reel.
  2. Measure two lengths of welding lead to install from your welder to reel(s). Make sure to route your cable before cutting.
  3. Install the negative lead you cut to fit between your welder and reel to the marked stud on the mounting plate of the top reel or left side of a side x side reel. It is marked with a sticker saying "- FROM WELDER" (longer stud of the four). Remove the top nut and slide your lead onto the 3/8 stud, then re-install the nut. Use two wrenches to tighten the nut back down.
  4. Locate the positive stud found on the lowest spool mounting plate or right side spool of a side x side reel. It is marked with a sticker labeled "+ FROM WELDER" (longer stud of the four). Repeat step 3 to install once located.
  5. Locate the 3/8 bolt installed on the inside of each spool. This bolt is for mounting your lead and is marked -LEAD and +LEADRemove the nut and install your lead onto this bolt and tighten snugly.
DO NOT ROLL UP LEAD ONTO SPOOL UNTIL YOU TEST FIRST. Once step 5 is complete start your welder and test your leads. If for any reason you do not have an arc, make sure all mounting points are tight and making good contact.

Tension Brake Installation

  1. Attached to your reel you will find a 3/8 x 1-1/4 bolt and one 3/8 nut for each spool.
  2. Screw the nut onto each bolt, then thread each bolt into the outside of each spool.
  3. These are friction brakes designed to provide drag on the spool while unraveling to prevent freewheeling.
  4. It is recommended to maintain tension on the spool to prevent cross arcing during welding operation.